Loading, unloading and storage... by rollers

Another product that we manufacture are roller soils.

They are systems for handling palletized loads, adapted for air freight and loading euro pallets.

Roller loading system

The section lenght is 3005 mm; the roll diameter is 50 mm; the roller lenght is 80 mm; the lifting roller is 15 mm; the space is 75—100—150 mm; maximum working pressure 2 bar; and the maximum load to be lifted (2 flights) 1,500 kg / m2.

You can handle up to 24 tons palletized in 2 minutes

The retractable roller system was at the time a revolutionary advance for palletized loads movement and transfer, both mobile units (trucks, trailers, etc.) and soil for loading docks, factories, warehouses, etc.

The roller system avoids the forklifts introduction on trucks, which in addition to convenience and speed, eliminates the load deterioration, the floor and side of the vehicle (especially high price ones, such as refrigerators).

  • The system reduces load and download times
  • It is not necessary semi-trailers lateral unloading
  • It can be installed on trucks fully closed (refrigerators)
  • Maintains a maximum security and movement freedom on all industries and warehouses floors
  • Eliminates pallet and load deterioration
  • Allows manipulation on two levels, offering a maximum cargo volume
  • Placement on all surfaces and lengths types


The system comprises rails arranged for positioning directly on the floor (recessed mounting to the ground), producing smooth surfaces and practicable.

Each one of these modules or crossbars is formed by an inferior aluminium profile in which it rests a pneumatic mattress; on this mattress gathers a second profile in aluminium that bears the rollers and whose group remains closed by a protective in steel galvanised. Under the effect of the air pressure, the mattress inflates and displaces the profile that bears the rollers, that they appear between the slots closing steel pallets raise soil, leaving them free for movement.

The air pressure is taken from a compressor brake system through the control panel, the lift system can be divided into different sectors at will, adapting to each transport requirement or cargo movement.

AUTOMATIC SYSTEM (Mechanical Traction)

Pallets loading or unloading is automatically based on the same system and lifting principle, except the rollers contact to the pallet by a pull chain. To swell the mattress chain sticks to the pallet lower base, which moved, it drags suspended by the rollers.

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